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About Us

Our History

Tech-House was started as an idea to help my senior auntie log onto her laptop and recover her emails. Countless hours and happy exchanges later we are seeking to make fear of computing a thing of the past.

About Us

Our Accreditation

We are proud to work in collaboration with Northstar Online Learning as a partner. We are also partnering with CPS here in Chicago to provide training for the parents of our middle school and High School children.

About Us

Our Student Success

Our students range the gamet from parents who simply want to track their child’s progress and attendance via PoweSchool or Aspen platforms, to seniors who want to set up their voicemail on their phones and retrieve and respond to messages from their loved ones, to adults re-etering society with little to no computer skills and are looking for a way to navigate these IT waters. We are here to HELP.

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What Says Our Students

Lecial W Carroll Contractor

I am a contractor in New Orleans and I have been stung doing cash and check transactions with clients after I completed the work. Tech – House took me from a paper based currency operation to a digital cash transaction that is faster and safer than I have ever had in 40 years doing contract work.

Delores Brown Senior Citizen

I am a senior in an adult living facility and always had difficulty learning the latest updates for my smartphone. I couldn’t navigate or manage my online accounts and I generally didn’t trust anything IT-ish. The training at Tech-House is done slowly at a pace you want and the instructors are the most patient I have seen. If you are fearful of technology or hate it because you don’t see a use for it? Do yourself a favor, take a class and watch yourself become the IT guru of your circle like me!

Trina Cuellar

Even though I am a seventies baby I never really got into the digital takeover in the last decade or so. I can manage my cell phone and respond to emails and such but I never really felt comfortable navigating the Internet or my personal devices. I never even knew how to set my voicemail up. Tech-House didn’t judge me, and actually gave me the motivation, tools, and encouragement to become curious about these devices we carry around and how to make them work for you. So shoot me a text, or send me an email, heck share a video or music download with me. I am READY!


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High Quality Courses

Embark on a journey of excellence with our quality courses, led by expert instructors, offering lifetime access and dedicated support for a seamless learning experience.

Expert Instructors

Learn from the best with our courses led by expert instructors, ensuring a top-notch educational experience that equips you with valuable skills and knowledge for success.

Life Time Access

Unlock a world of continuous learning with our courses, granting you lifetime access to valuable resources and ensuring your knowledge remains current and accessible whenever you need it.


IT Basic Training

We train adults and seniors on how to navigate basic internet connectivity and simple device usage like for tablets or cell phones


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